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The primary goal of the West Mifflin Area High School Guidance Department is to guide students toward responsible choices that will help them lead productive lives.

Guidance services provided by the counselors:

  1. Counseling Services – To provide students with professional and confidential individual and group counseling to satisfy their needs.
  2. Information Service – To provide the student with extensive educational, occupational and social information.
  3. Individual Inventory—To enable the student to make accurate and reliable assessments of his/her mental capabilities and academic skills.
  4. Placement and Follow through--To assure that the student has a proper educational and occupational placement throughout grades 9-12.


School Counselors

Ms. Molly Harbst (Last Names A-G)

(412) 466-9131 Ext: 1010

Mr. Tom Ruffing (Last Names H-N)

(412) 466-9131 Ext: 1009

Mrs. Jennifer Shields(Last Names O-Z)

(412) 466-9131 Ext: 1008

Guidance Secretary

Mrs. Janet Maha 

PHONE: (412) 466-9131 Ext: 1007

FAX: (412) 466-8185