Middle School Bands
Middle School Bands
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Advanced Band
  • Drummers Page coming soon!!!  For now check out VicFirth.com
  • Wind Instruments...Fingering Charts are linked here!
  • New music is now available on Smartmusic! Get Smartmusic @ home for just $40 PER YEAR
  • There are so many fun things you can be working on to help you play in any style of music.  The first is the major scales.  We can have fun, create patterns or even songs with just the regular old scales that we play every day in band class.  Try the Bb Major Scale from this link!
  • Next try the pentatonic scale. These are 5 note scales based on a key and are easy to memorize and play in different ways.  Click on the link to learn more and play along with some tunes.
  • Another pattern that will challenge you, but make you sound good in many styles are blues scales
  • Try these scale patterns starting on different notes for a new challenge. (Focus on Concert Bb, Eb, and F)
  • Look for the song list and audio links to practice with soon!